Rooted in Texas.
Experienced everywhere.

Our Houston team has deep experience beyond the private equity world.

Certainly, our executive group and advisory board boast decades in the private equity industry. Additionally, we bring first-hand experience in founding and operating our own businesses, allowing us to provide the valuable guidance in daily operations and overall growth that our portfolio companies have come to expect. In fact, a number of our executives successfully served as CEOs of other companies prior to joining Platform Partners.

“We loved the fact that they are local, very well regarded and connected in Houston and Texas (and beyond) and care about the same things and places we do!”

Kenny Owen, Chairman & CEO of South Coast Terminals

We’re here to help.
Not interfere.

The owners of our portfolio companies already know how to be successful. Our role is to amplify that success by guiding them through what it takes to reach the next level and beyond.

Our community is our favorite investment.

Investing is what we do, but it’s not all that we are. Many of us at Platform Partners take great pride in being actively involved in the Houston community. Whether it’s volunteering time for charities, providing expertise in boardrooms or chairing committees, we’re always striving to enhance the world-class city that we call home.

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Decades of experience. Always approachable.