Ready when you are – with capital and expertise.

Our perpetual capital model makes us unique in the private equity industry.

We don’t rely on exit deadlines, drawdowns or other traditional features of private equity firms. Our learning curve is short, which means we can have you on a path to healthy growth quickly. Many private equity firms cash out after this stage, but at this point we’re just getting started.

When we say “partnership,” we mean it. We invest in you ­– your needs, your goals, your future.

The best time to sell a healthy, growing company is never.

This core conviction led us to structure the capital we manage as a perpetual investment company with a permanent capital base. Our strategy does not mean we will never sell a company; however, we manage investments as if we will own them forever. Our unique approach allows us to act as your true partner every step of the way.

Recruit Talent Engage Network Growth Strategy Corporate & Accounting Functions Financing (M&A & other) Reevaluate Opportunities

Recruit Talent

  • Proven track record of recruiting highly capable executives (e.g. CFO, Head of Sales, CTO, etc.) to help build companies
  • Network of successful executives and investors can contribute at the Board level

Engage Network

  • Connect to our network of exceptional executives, advisors and investors, developed over decades in the industry
  • Capital, expert guidance, and qualified talent all flow from our broad network of colleagues

Growth Strategy

  • Spend significant time with the senior team to identify the most effective growth opportunities that ultimately maximize value
  • Systematic process identifies viable growth alternatives and necessary investments in team, systems and infrastructure

Corporate & Accounting Functions

  • Work with management to develop tools and resources to help manage a growing business (detailed budget, reporting package, key metrics, etc.)
  • Take advantage of capabilities and resources across portfolio companies; cross-pollination of best practices

Financing (M&A & Other)

  • Companies can lean on us to identify, research, perform due diligence and negotiate various growth channels including acquisitions
  • Business development (outside of ordinary course) often gets set aside due to demands of running day-to-day business
  • Tap network of investors, advisors, and partners to open new growth opportunities

Reevaluate Opportunities

  • Collaborative process with owners and executive team to determine ideal timing and if a sale is the optimal decision
  • Platform Partners’ expertise can help position company and maximize value should a sale occur
  • Continuous marketing effort through consistent interaction within the industry (strategics, investment banks and consultants)

Multiple paths to accomplish your goals.



to existing owners and managers, while allowing for continued ownership.

Outside Capital

to grow your business organically and through acquisition.

A Network

of talented business executives, advisors and third-party financing sources.

A Strategic Partner

that’s willing to take an active, supportive role in helping you grow your company.

We’re selective in our partners.
You should be, too.

We focus on a smaller number of companies in our sweet spot. Then we add value to their businesses.

Industry Focus

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy
  • Financial & Insurance Services
  • Industrial Services & Distribution
  • Media
  • Payments
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Investment Criteria

  • Target equity investments of $10 to $75 million (excluding co-investment by other investors) for use in buyout / recap / growth capital / capital commitment
  • Capital structures including common equity / preferred equity / sub-debt (with minority ownership)
  • Significant free cash flow generation
  • Scalable operating platform
  • “Buy & Build” opportunities in fragmented industries
  • Strong management team with opportunity for majority / significant minority and governance control or board representation

Transaction Types

  • Growth Capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Buyouts
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Significant Minority Investments

“They cater to the needs of each individual company, including holding on to the investment indefinitely or when the company expresses interest to exit.”

Emily Hollis, CEO of ALM First

With $950 million of assets under management, we aim to invest $10 million – $75 million.

These are our typical investment scenarios:

Growth Capital

Companies that seek us out as their partner are often interested in growth capital to help finance a transformative event in their lifecycles. This includes expanding into a new geography, offering additional products or services, or making a strategic acquisition. In such situations, we’ll serve as a trusted advisor and partner to help companies achieve their long-term objectives.


Recapitalization of a family or entrepreneur-owned business in which Platform Partners is the first “institutional” investor provides liquidity and a meaningful continued ownership position for the owners, as well as growth capital for acquisitions and organic opportunities.

Family/Partner Succession

We can offer to buy ownership positions held by active or inactive family members, or other shareholders, while allowing the owner-operator to retain majority control. We can also create liquidity for departing family shareholders and provide continuity for those in key managerial positions.

Management Buyout

When a business owner has retired or is contemplating retirement, we facilitate the purchase of a private company in partnership with its management team.

Together, we can provide a business owner with complete or partial liquidity, while allowing the current team to continue to run the business and share in the equity value they generate.

Capital Commitment

We can provide a capital commitment to a proven management team in a targeted industry to start and grow a new entity through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth initiatives.

Debt Refinancing

We can help an owner-operator pay off debt with value-added equity, which provides the business with financial flexibility and professional resources to execute its growth strategy. While leverage can sometimes be helpful, it often comes with hidden costs passed on to the business, including restrictions on growth investments and a distraction to the execution of the business plan.