We’re here to
help grow
and their legacies.

Our long-term outlook sets us apart from private equity firms.

We invest through a perpetual capital model that allows long-term partnerships with great entrepreneurs.

No two companies are alike, so we match our investment and involvement to your goals.

You’ll benefit from our network of advisors and our experienced team – whether you sell control or maintain it. We will act as a strategic partner, and we’re able to provide hands-on support when helpful. Most importantly, our perpetual capital model aligns us to your long-term goals. After all, we believe that the best time to sell a healthy, growing company is never.

Select your situation to see the investment solutions that best fit your needs:

“I want money to grow my company.”

Companies that seek us out as their partner are often interested in growth capital to help finance a transformative event in their lifecycles. This includes expanding into a new geography, offering additional products or services, or making a strategic acquisition. In such situations, we’ll serve as a trusted advisor and partner to help companies achieve their long-term objectives.

“I want to take money out of the business I own.”

Recapitalization of a family or entrepreneur-owned business in which Platform Partners is the first “institutional” investor provides liquidity and a meaningful continued ownership position for the owners, as well as growth capital for acquisitions and organic opportunities.

“I want to take over my family business.”

We can offer to buy ownership positions held by active or inactive family members, or other shareholders, while allowing the owner-operator to retain majority control. We can also create liquidity for departing family shareholders and provide continuity for those in key managerial positions.

“I want to buy the business I work for.”

When a business owner has retired or is contemplating retirement, we facilitate the purchase of a private company in partnership with its management team.

Together, we can provide a business owner with complete or partial liquidity, while allowing the current team to continue to run the business and share in the equity value they generate.

“I want startup money to launch a business.”

We can provide a capital commitment to a proven management team in a targeted industry to start and grow a new entity through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth initiatives.

“I want to pay off my company’s debt.”

We can help an owner-operator pay off debt with value-added equity, which provides the business with financial flexibility and professional resources to execute its growth strategy. While leverage can sometimes be helpful, it often comes with hidden costs passed on to the business, including restrictions on growth investments and a distraction to the execution of the business plan.

“Platform differentiated themselves from the market with their ability to listen, understand, and support our vision and culture…”

Rusty Stein, Former President of Beneplace

Year Founded
Platform Asset Value
Approx. $1BN
Houston, TX

Laura Thompson
Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Newsom
Executive Vice President

Kemp Sauer

Jorge Diaz
Operating Partner

Fred Brazelton

Our Team

Years of experience. Proud to call Houston home.

Each of our dedicated professionals is here to support the success of our partner companies. In fact, we're so dedicated that our management team, as a group, represents the largest cash investor in, and equity owner of Platform Partners.

Our passion for helping our partner companies grow is only matched by our compassion for our community.

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