Encino Energy

Encino Energy (“Encino”) is an oil and gas acquisition and development company.
Year Founded
Houston, TX

Investment Overview

Encino was founded by Hardy Murchison and is a Houston-based oil and gas acquisition and development company focused on long-lived oil and gas investments primarily onshore in the U.S. Encino acquires operated and non-operated oil and natural gas working interests, producing and non-producing mineral interests, and equity assets in small private energy companies. Encino currently owns a collection of assets in Anadarko, Williston, Haynesville, and Marcellus. In addition, the Encino management team manages a Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (“CPPIB”) funded acquisition vehicle, Encino Acquisition Partners (“EAP”), which acquired certain E&P assets in the Utica basin in 2018.

Transaction Background

Platform had a long-standing relationship with Hardy Murchison, Encino’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Murchison had a successful career in E&P and investing, serving as Managing Director of First Reserve Corporation (“First Reserve”), a private equity company which invests in the energy industry, and as Vice President of Corporate Development at Range Resources, an independent oil and gas company. After leaving First Reserve, Mr. Murchison wanted to start and run an E&P company and was intrigued with Platform’s long-term investment strategy and perpetual structure.


After several discussions, Platform and Mr. Murchison decided to create a partnership where Platform would serve as the lead investor in Encino and assist in raising additional capital, as well as providing ongoing financial, operational and strategic advice. With Mr. Murchison’s successful track record and relationships, Encino quickly raised a significant amount of capital from several value-added shareholders, including a committed group of industry partners who serve as advisors to Encino.