SmartSky Networks

Industry: Business Services

Investment Date: October 2015

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC


SmartSky Networks (“SmartSky”) is building the first 4G air-to-ground (“ATG”) communications network in the U.S. to provide high speed Wi-Fi capability to the aviation industry.  SmartSky was founded by a group of experienced aviation and telecommunications executives who were frustrated with the existing in-flight connectivity (”IFC”) solutions in the market.  Using their joint expertise and industry knowledge, these executives are tailoring a solution to build a low-cost, high-capacity, next generation IFC service to compete with Gogo, the current sole ATG competitor in North America.  Once fully built, SmartSky’s innovative technology will enable the company to be a first mover in the 2.4 GHz spectrum and will pave the way for a faster, more cost-effective IFC solution.