Vortex Companies

Industry: Industrial Services

Investment Date: November 2017

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Website: www.vortexcompanies.com

Investment Overview:

The Vortex Companies (“Vortex”) deliver advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to cost effectively renew water, sewer and industrial infrastructure. Headquartered in Houston, Vortex provides a suite of services and products, including turnkey bypass and dewatering, large diameter structural relining, pipe bursting and slip lining, structural and corrosion protection, trenchless robotic systems, pipe and drain cleaners and industrial facility maintenance and renewal across 15 countries globally. Vortex was built with the vision of providing a wide range of solutions under a single roof that is supported by highly experienced and trained personnel with decades of trenchless infrastructure renewal experience.


Transaction Background:

Vortex’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Vellano, was introduced to Platform in the summer of 2017 by a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Vellano and the senior management team were seeking a partner to provide capital for acquisitions and organic growth, as well as provide partial liquidity to the shareholders. The management team was attracted to Platform’s perpetual investment structure and history of partnering with similar-sized companies to help accelerate growth. Platform’s investment allows Vortex to expand its product and service offering through a combination of organic and acquisition growth with the goal of building a nationwide company that offers a comprehensive solution currently unavailable in the industry.