Evergreen Industrial Holdings, LLC

Evergreen Industrial Holdings, LLC

Industry: Industrial Services

Investment Date: April 2011

Headquarters: La Porte, TX

Website: www.evergreenes.com

Evergreen / North American Industrial Services (“Evergreen / North American”) is a leading provider of industrial cleaning and related specialty cleaning services to a diverse set of end markets in the United States, including refining, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, mining, waste to energy and paper.  Evergreen was founded in 2000 by Jon Hodges and North American was founded in 1994 by Frank and Tim Zilka.  Evergreen / North American provides tank cleaning, degassing / vapor control, industrial vacuuming, hydroblasting, hydroexcavation, waste transportation, water treatment, chemical cleaning and other related services and has thirty-one locations across the United States.  Evergreen was sold to The Sterling Group in June 2016 and the Company retained a minority interest in the combined Evergreen / North American.